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Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair

Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair Biography
Hi, My name is Kayla and I have thin hair. And by thin hair, I mean really thin hair. I've tried just about everything that you could think of to make my hair feel and appear thicker than what it actually is - from vitamins to shampoos to protein treatments - and through those years of trying to achieve my thick and beautiful hair dreams, I've come across several things that work! So here are my:
 Get a haircut
Not all hairstyles work with thin hair. Have your hairstylist add texture and layers to your hair to help give the illusion of body and fullness. It might be worth trying out a shorter hairstyle! Short to medium length hairstyles look great on girls with thin hair.
And keep up-to-date on your haircuts! Cutting off split ends will help your overall hair growth. Even though you'll lose some length, it will grow back longer and healthier in the long run.
 Take proper care of your hair!! 
Fine hair has less internal protein than thick hair which means that it is naturally going to be weaker. But there are plenty of steps that you can take to help with the strength of your hair. Like...
Only wash your hair when it's dirty. Washing your hair every day causes more breakage, so use a dry shampoo in between instead. Dry shampoo not only sucks the greasy-ness out of your day-old hair, but it also attaches to your hair strands and make it look fuller.

My favorite dry shampoo to date is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Refresher. The best part of this product? You can use it ANYTIME. I keep a bottle in my desk drawer just in case I'm feeling a little flat. Oh, and it smells amazing.
 Use the right products. 
There are tons of volumizing and lifting hair products out there, but how do you know what's right for you to use?
First, make sure that you're choosing a volumizing shampoo and a light conditioner with proteins like keratin and collagen to help your hair appear thicker. When shampooing, massage the shampoo into your scalp for a generous amount of time. Think about those amazing scalp massages your hair stylist gives you. It's a mini-spa day at your own home!
The opposite is necessary with conditioner, however. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots of your hair as it will weight your hair down. A spray, leave-in-conditioner that is applied after your shower may even be best if your hair is extra thin because of how light the spray is compared to the creme.
I use Aveda's Hair Abundance shampoo and conditioner and love it.
To avoid breakage it's smart to use heat protectant prior to blowdrying, straightening or curling.  I always use my Aveda Damage Control spray which is a detangler and a heat protectant in one! I used to get split ends all.the.time. But I must say, after starting to use this Damage Control spray, my hair has remained much stronger in-between haircuts. 
 Style your hair the right way. 
Before you blow-dry my hair, apply a root lifter spray. Most root lifters work the same, but I'm recently attached to RUSK's thick. Works great and is yet another product that smells amazing. I love it when my hair smells nice.
After an overdose of root lifter is applied, blow dry your hair upside down OR angle your dryer so that you're blowing up at the roots. Your hair will appear flat and thin if you blow down on the roots.
Back combing and hair spray are your friends. Maybe my best friends...

Use the right tools 
Make sure that you're using gentle straighteners and curling irons, on low heat. Since fine hair is so easily damaged and broken having a gentle straightener and curling iron is key. No need to pull your hair out - literally - for no reason. My favorite straightener is the Hana Titanium that I got from The plates of this straightener are smooth and created in a way that my hair doesn't get caught on the edges and break off (or, more accurately rip out of my scalp...). It is so much nicer than the cheap straightener that I used to use.
Everything about this straightener makes me happy. It does an amazing job at straightening my unruly, wavy hair. It's gentle so there's no breakage and it heats up SO fast so I don't have to wait around for it to be ready to use. It's quite honestly, the best hair straightener I've ever used. I could never go back to the cheap once that I used once upon a time. The HANA straighteners are right up their with CHI irons which I'm sure you've all heard of, so they're great quality.
And with all that not-so-hard work, I end up with wonderfully thick (looking) hair! If I wasn't so embarrassed, I would show you a 'before' picture of how my hair would look if I didn't use these styling tips and products. It's bad. Like, I'm could be a 50-year-old-man-going-bald, bad... Well, not quite, but you get the picture..
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair
Hairstyles For Girls With Thin Hair

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